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Garland Mountain 
Sporting Clays & Grill

Camera - Canon C300 miii - Sony A7iii - DJI 

Client - Jack Chevalier

Role - DP/ Producer - Kyle Cahall

Drone - Frazer Lockhart

Project Info - 

What Jack Chevalier managed to create in Waleska Georgia is something special. I love going up there to just hang out and have lunch as well as filming the property. Perched on top of 360 acres of green lush mountain top the view speaks for itself. 


Originally starting with the A7iii we have swapped over to the C300miii and the upgrade really speaks for itself. The camera is phenomenal. 

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60 Second V3.00_00_09_06.Still010.jpg
30 Second edit.00_00_25_05.Still004.jpg
60 Second V3.00_00_31_12.Still007.jpg
60 Second V3.00_00_47_06.Still009.jpg
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